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Are you tired of your carpet, tile, or laminate floor? Do you want a floor that is beautiful, unique, easy to clean, enduring, and adds value to your home? If so, then we invite you to contact Delta Plus Floors at 928.445.3926 to discuss installing a new hardwood floor in your home.

Our hardwood flooring is bought directly from domestic mills thereby providing flooring with good quality control and no middle man expenses. Delta Plus installs all flooring according to industry standards in order to provide a structurally sound flooring.

Delta Plus provides on-site, dust-free sanding and finishing with several options in the type, color, and sheen of finishes which are all adapted to your needs and lifestyle.


Is your hardwood floor looking dated? Maybe the years have accumulated and your once beautiful floor now looks faded, scratched, stained, or warped. Or perhaps you just want a different look to your existing floor. Delta Plus Floors has been helping homeowners in Prescott Arizona restore the beauty to their existing hardwood floors for years.

We provide the finest, top brand finishes such as Poloplaz polyurethanes (oil and water-based), Waterlox and Sutherland Welles tung oils, and hand-rubbed finishes such as Loba, Rubio Monocoat, Pallman Magic Oil, Synteko, Woca, Osmo

One of the biggest concerns that faces the homeowner is the matter of dust in the home from the sanding process, however we have eliminated that concern with today’s technology. Delta Plus Floors uses a dust-free sanding process that prepares a beautiful wood floor without all the mess. Our dust-collection system is rated to vacuum over 1,500 cubic feet per minute. Our goal is to keep you dust-free!


With so many options available, sometimes homeowners need help in choosing a hardwood floor that is right for them. With years of experience in crafting quality hardwood floors, we would be glad to help design a floor that meets your distinct style and tastes.

We are able to offer a selection of wood species and grades which can be sampled by you, in your house.


Contact Delta Plus Floors today for a complimentary consultation for your hardwood floor installation, design, or refinishing needs.

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