Rift and Quarter Sawn

The art of quarter-sawing oak, sometimes called rift & quartered or “tiger” oak, is a superior technique from bygone days, and we have reintroduced this speciality flooring due to its beauty and stability over flat or plane-sawn flooring (see illustrations below). Rift & quartered oak flooring is recognized as some of the most stable and beautiful flooring in the world, and white oak was the wood of choice for building many of the barns, homes and furniture of our early American history.

Quarter-sawn oak can also be used for radiant heat flooring, and especially when installing floor boards wider than 4 inches. Please call us at 928-445-3926 to discuss your in-floor radiant heating.

Plane-sawn flooring can expand, buckle, cup, warp, twist-off the subfloor, and even push out walls, but these problems are not present with rift and quarter-sawn flooring due to the way it is milled. Plane-sawn flooring has replaced quartered-sawn in virtually all flooring stores because plane-sawn is easier and cheaper to produce.

We recommend that you choose white oak over red oak because it is less expensive, more durable, stains nicely, and because the “tiger” medullary rays/flakes are larger. These “tiger” stripes make white oak especially beautiful, however red oak is always available to our customers.

Shown below are some examples of our work … one of the homes pictured is located in the Prescott Historic District, and the other home is in the Eagle Ridge subdivision. Please note that our customers chose the color and sheen of the wood, but there are many other options available to you (as described on our Finishes page).